Clementine & Vincent

First of the sculptures – Clementine – was in the process of making since one early morning in May 2018. Inspiration came after reading a book about Niki De Saint Phalle – which is mainly known for her Nanas – big female sculptures. The feeling of need to create bigger female sculpture by my own combined with past experiences creating objects and dolls from canvas, helped to decide what medium and materials are going to be used.

Clementine and Vincent are two approximately 160 cm high /in seated position/ sculptures made from jute canvas, filled with IKEA pillows /not sponsored/ and painted in matte white acryl. The two sculptures are connected via jute braided rope decorated with glued on faux flowers.

Few months passed by and while Clementine was sitting in silence in the corner of my room, I came across a photography of one street art piece by Samsonovich which portrays female and male figures facing each other, watering each other’s heads – illustrated as two huge flower bouquets. As that is exactly how I would describe an ideal relationship, I felt like I cannot leave Clementine by her own. That is how Vincent became part of the gang.

The original plan was to paint flowers on both bodies – one color scheme on Clementine, different shades on Vincent – and make them slowly accept their partner’s color variation. Anyway few years of living in Denmark showed its’ influence and at the end they kept mainly white or natural unpainted surface.

The “painted flowers” plan was replaced by braided jute rope decorated with glued on faux flowers, giving them the option to work separately as well as together while still making the importance of their connection rather obvious.

Even if we all have our own color and shape of petals /our opinions, hobbies, values etc./, other person can make our flowers blossom even more and introduce us to the whole new spectrum of shades and things we wouldn’t have maybe came across only by ourselves.

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