Japan 8923 – Bachelor Thesis

5th semester stage – half finished Lolita, Fukushima, Garden house and Sushi

Bachelor Thesis 2015 consists of 8 paintings and three objects. The topic of thesis is a little probe into Czech society regarding what is the first thing people think of when they hear about Japan. The number “8923” in name of the thesis is the air distance in km between the Czech republic and Japan. Some of the answers were obvious, some of them disappointing, other confused or juicy. Selection of the topics for the final paintings was aiming to include it all, therefore the 8 paintings of Czech peoples’ associations are portraying geisha, lolita, bonsai, octopus in pussy /literal answer/, sushi, Fukushima, garden house and communism. Little addition of my own idea of Japan is presented as three objects – Sailor Moon dress, Pikachu and sushi set. Specifically painting representing communism didn’t meet much excitement from the opponent’s side, anyway it is clear it is one of the important answers making us understand the wide range of thoughts and ideas we have about other countries – some of them also misleading and delusional.

Technique of paintings is mainly sewing with accent on stitches – representing the clear lines in Japanese art from the old days towards very present art forms – manga and anime included. Sewing also evokes connection to famous Japanese hand crafts. Some of the pieces are painted over with acrylics, some of them are left naked to enjoy its’ pure and raw form.

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