Simple Latex Neck Wound Tutorial

On Halloween 2017 I tried out my luck with some liquid latex and fake blood to create a fake wound on my throat. A lot of people actually liked it, so I decided to give it a go, get some use of my fairly new camera and create a How-To 🙂

Here are some pictures from 2017 :

I don’t know why but WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload a short video, so I will just share my IG link down here –

What you need for your mini horror project –

Liquid Latex, Fake Blood, Cotton Pads, Toilet Paper or Tissues /for tidying up the mess/, Two Brushes /one for latex, second for eyeshadows/, Foundation and Powder in your Skin Tone, Eyeshadows /browns, black, nudes, reds and purples/

Additionally also Needle and a Thread if you fancy achieving the look showed in the IG link.

And here is the video! 🙂 Please consider that it’s my first video tutorial ever so it is faaaar from perfect! If you have any tips and tricks or if you try it out yourself – please comment so I can see!

Cheers, D.

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