What the F am I doing + a little introduction

Yep, I am having one of those moments again – moments when you are asking yourself what the heck are you doing with your life? It seems like everybody is getting along with their lives. Having a proper jobs. Travelling. Getting married. Giving birth to children. Adopting a pet. Whatever really! Meanwhile I do feel like – as I wrote a while ago – I am stuck!

(Can we take a moment of appreciation and notice how I still remember from my first post that “stucked” doesn’t exist and the correct form is “stuck”? )

I know, I know. Maybe it is just the power of social medias – but even if it was… When you look on my social medias, you wouldn’t see much. I do draw or such once in a while. Once in a while I go for a tiny trip which usually isn’t a fairy tale either as I do tend to be a magnet for funky happenings. And that kind of makes me think that I could introduce you a wee bit to my background… So you know where I’m coming from and why I feel like I feel.

I was born on the 4th of August 1993 in the beautiful country of the Czech republic (no, not Czechoslovakia) in a slightly less beautiful city of Ostrava. Normal life routine – kindergarten and elementary school. All went quite well, I had few crazy moments getting all goth and metal and tough, after this I was obsessed with Japan… We all have some stages in life, right? When I had to decide where I wanna go after elementary school, I somehow thought I want to become an actress in a theatre. Dumb as hell, didn’t work out and that’s probably for its’ best. Anyway then I got accepted to a private art high school which was of a questionable quality. After those four years I got (to mine and everyone else’s surprise) accepted to an art uni. First year was a total hell as I felt so excluded, no proper experience etc. I got also a lot of hateful comments, didn’t make it through the second semester atelier exam, but still got enough credits to get through and study semester numero 3. So I did… Then it got slightly better and till the end of my studies, I did actually enjoy it. Ups and downs, as life is…

After I graduated and got my Bachelor Degree diploma in 2015, I knew I want to go abroad. UK was my first choice as obviously absolutely everyone was heading that way, so it couldn’t be that difficult. Anyway one of my colleagues in the coffee shop I used to work at told me about his plan to go to study in Denmark. So I thought to myself that it is in fact quite a smart idea and if he can do it – I can, too. And I did…

Few weeks later I arrived to Herning – small freaking village in the middle of Jutland in Denmark. I was taking two years course in Retail Design and Management international class. Made friends, got experience, got a boyfriend, dumped a boyfriend, moved to Aarhus (the closest bigger city) as it was impossible to get a “nice” job in Herning… And after one smart Danish law came in (that you cannot study on the same or lower level again after finishing your diploma), as I knew I just really do not want to work in retail or such, I dropped out of my studies. That was in about April 2017. Since then I have been only studying life, trying to figure out what works for myself, meanwhile working in a local bar and really just…. Do my best to get to know my own head. Throughout these almost two years I met so many people and got into situations I wouldn’t have even thought can happen to me. I am grateful for my life, but then again… It will be almost two years and to be honest with you, I cannot see what in this world is going to work out for me and the idea of me being stuck in the local pub for the rest of my life drives me crazy. It is not even a full time job, but provides enough to live and save up a bit.

Plans for this year? In the end of March I’m going to Glasgow as my friend’s friend needs someone to petsit her furry kids. That would be amazing, but could I choose better time than right after Brexit? Aha, probably not. Good on me. Those are 3.5 weeks spend in a foreign country – jobless, clueless. After this I might also just go back to Denmark and in about May/June I want to go to India for a Yoga Teacher Training. Am I physically fit? Hell no. Do I have enough money to do so? Hell no. Does yoga make me feel good and keeps me functioning like a “normal” human being? Hell yes.

I also applied for some art universities, so let’s see about that, even though I seriously don’t put too much hope into it. Also – I have literally zero clue about how difficult or easy it is to get a job as a yoga instructor – plus with my nerves to perform anything in front of other people? Good luck. But I guess that is also why I wanna do it – to push myself and finally see that I can overcome my own shadow.

So that is a little bit about my past, I guess… What about my present moment? I am in my bed, sick as old dog. Have been just sleeping and blowing my nose off the whole day, hoping echinacea will work her wonders. I am in a desperate need of shower, food and my room screams “tidy me up”, but… Later.

What about my future? It’s in the stars. Shocking, right? Aha. But I seriously hope there is finally something good. One thing I know for sure is that I want it to be almost alcohol free – I gave myself a promise (it was around the 26th of January) that I am not going to get drunk ever again. Why? Because #Amsterdam. I think I will make a separate post about it as the whole experience was quite a ride. To put it simply – I do not like drunk Dominika and I do not like her decisions and behaviour. And my favourite drink is a lemon water or pure tonic anyway, so….

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? What are your plans for the upcoming months? Have you ever went to India or have any experience with yoga teaching and such? Are you in Glasgow and have any tips? Hit me up down in the comments.

Have a great day, lovely fellas!

Cheers, D.

P.S. the featured image is created by me, so please do not share without asking or giving a credit :))

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