Look Closer

“Look Closer”, 2018, acrylic on jute canvas on hardboard, 64cmx81cm

Painting made for a local exhibition with a topic “Look Closer”.

If you look closer, one’s hands can tell you a story. When you go to the farmers’ market, always look at people’s hands; neat hands mean they probably just bought the veggies in the shop around the corner and are trying to make some easy money.
You can spot carpenters, musicians, artists, gardeners, office assistants and many more. Just look a bit closer.

Jute canvas as a base for the painting was chosen because of its roughness and to form a juxtaposition to the fabric pieces used in the background; whose gentle, feminine flower pattern is hardly noticeable if the viewer doesn’t observe more carefully. Jute canvas is attached to a hardboard with matte golden nails to bring painting’s atmosphere a bit closer to the worker’s raw nature.

Seams are painted in a yellow colour to represent the Japanese art of Kintsugi -also known as Kintsukuroi – where damaged objects are glued back together by a lacquer mixed with powdered silver, gold or platinum. This allows the breakage to be carried as part of the object’s journey, rather than considering it a damaged piece of rubbish. The same applies for humans – every little scratch on a gardener’s hands hide moments of loving care for his fruits.

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