I remember trying on my newly delivered body harness. Having a series of thoughts running through my head as I was looking at myself in the mirror. I felt confused. How does it make me feel? How do I actually want to feel? How men feel while being exposed to something like this? The emotions are mixed. I do feel feminine, powerful, passionate. I also feel beautiful, strong but still somehow vulnerable. Those harnesses and leather straps with iron applications represent the tough and mysterious side of a female soul. Men want it in bed, but do they want it in an ordinary daily life as well? There is a lot of expectations towards women. Girl should be gentle and rough. Girl should be good and bad. Independent but also make man feel like he is needed. Funny, but not too much. Smart, but also in limitations so it doesn’t make others feel ashamed. Girl has to be all of it. Depending on what situation she is in.

In order to express and celebrate this incredible ability of a female kind, I created my own pink harness which combines both ends of the spectrum. It is rough and dangerous in the base made of jute canvas and its’ raw sharp edges, hanged on a construction from a golden wire and two loops. To add the gentle and sensitive element, I used pink acryl, soft weal from transparent fabrics, feminine faux flowers and laces, glitters, bows, pearls and ribbons. Soft and hard, as female nature is. Strong to overcome obstacles of life, but with the ability to bring in its’ delicate and warm touch.

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