Surprise Box Swap

Do you feel like you are not doing anything outside of the walls of your routines and crave the little spark of joy you experience around Christmas or someone’s birthday – but there is literally no one around having birthday and Christmas is still pretty far? Then you might like the idea of small surprise box.

About two weeks ago I shared an instagram post with a sticker I made and one of my old friends from the Czech republic texted me she would like one as well – I agreed on sending her one and she came up with the idea of sending each other a small box of goodies.

As I am living in Denmark I decided to send her bit of everything – things I created, things I like, as well as some things typical for Denmark. Feel free to get inspired! 🙂

Liquorice sticks – one in original liquorice taste, the pink one /my favourite/ in Raspberry Liquorice. Suitable for vegans, made in Finland, can be found at Søstrene Grene 🙂
Anthon Berg Marzipan bar made in Denmark. Available probably in all Danish grocery stores.
My all time favourite mints! Fisherman’s friend 🙂 My humble guess is they are produced in England. Probably available in all Danish grocery stores.
Danish Yankie choco-liquorice bar. Probably available in all Danish grocery stores.
Arctic Paws – fruity snack made in the UK. I love them! They come in three varieties, I went for this raspberry & blueberry one. You can find them in Søstrene Grene.
Another mints – this time liquorice. I think you can already get the idea that Denmark is all about liquorice! I just really liked the tin packaging! Also – you can never have enough mints! Produced in Denmark, you can find them in Søstrene Grene.
The very famous Skipper’s pipes – in the original /pink/ flavour and in /yellow/ sea salt version. They usually come in a bigger box, but for a small package like mine these singles are ideal. Not sure if they are actually Danish, I would say they are probably Swedish. Available in all Danish grocery stores.
I just couldn’t get this dose to stay on place, so you get my hand in a shot as well :)) Cashew with milk chocolate coated in sugar. Because who doesn’t like chocolate covered nuts! The etiquette mentions “Aarhus” so it is ideal for your foreign friends/family. Available in Søstrene Grene.
What can be more Danish than a pack of Danish flags? Danes stick and put their flag on A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Literally. It hasn’t happened only once that I did see this kind of a flag proudly sticked in a dog po*p…. So when I said they put it everywhere, I was not kidding. Available in Søstrene Grene.
This one might be bit odd but I myself have been using bamboo toothbrushes for a while now and I can see no reason why everybody else cannot make such an easy swap! That’s why I usually gift people one bamboo beauty 🙂 This one is available at Normal in several variations.
Let’s get to the girly side – jewellery from Pilgrim, which is a hand made jewellery made in Denmark. The shopping assistant packed it very nicely in a black paper and put it in a black sheer bag – also with a bit of a brand’s history so your friend can read about the origins of her/his new jewellery! Can we get more Danish?
We are getting on the personal note now! A rose pendant I made.
Another jewellery piece I made – a brooch.
This is where it all started – with stickers! I included few of them, as well as some of my prints.

My friend also asked me to include a list of some movies/books/music I like, which is another awesome idea! One of the best things is just to inspire each other. Write a nice personal note so you know it will brighten up your darling’s day when the clouds come.

I think this box swap practice is just brilliant for several reasons. First of all, you can feel excited because you will soon receive a little surprise something! And in a bigger picture – whenever you will feel down, you can be sure that someone out there put effort, energy and time into this small project just to make you a wee bit happier! And vice versa – you also made someone’s heart go bit softer.

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